Ankou-Nabe in Oarai after MTB

After the Akkun's debut ride in Hitachi,
We reserved a Japanese style hotel(Minshuku) in Oarai.
Oarai is famous for Ankou(lantern fish)!!
We specially ordered Ankou Nabe(stewed Lantern fish) and

It was so good and we were all so happy!!

Oh!! Yes!! Yummy Sashimi-Funamori!!

We are all happy!!
Watch your finger!! Shinny!!
(Carbon, Akkun, Shinny)

Hey!! We are happy too!!
(Hacci, Bacon, Phreddie)

Carbon and the Ankou-Nabe!!

Oh No!! Oyaji Enkai!!

Akkun was still hungry!? ...or...??
Akkun got wild!!

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